Acting Reel Editing

Is it time to sharpen up your acting reel? Let’s work together and cut the best damn casting reel you’ve ever had!

Acting Showreel Editing in Adobe Premiere

I’m Tom, and for twenty years I’ve been cutting TV commercials, promo videos, and teasers. I dispassionately make the tough calls: which scenes to use, which scenes to bin. I also know the clever tricks to inject pace, and add fresh excitement to existing materials. I can convey your acting talent in 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 1 minute – heck, even 30 seconds!

G. Smokey Campbell is represented by Cornerstone Talent Management.

“You are a Rockstar, because you Rock and help others to be a Star! It was a real pleasure to work with you. Your ability to provide with your magic skills and your willingness to satisfy the most ‘pickiest’ notions is invaluable. I hope to enlist you in future video editing. I can’t wait to offer you as a professional referral.”

G. Smokey Campbell

Here’s the production process:

  • I will view all the video sources you send to me, and rip content from any YouTube or Vimeo links you give me. I can also work from some physical formats – disc and videotape, but the logistics and costs of this will need discussion.
  • With your help I’ll select the best scenes, the ones that really demonstrate the breadth of your talent, and will then compile NOT ONE – but TWO REELS! You’ll get a comprehensive casting reel of your scenes, plus a snappy and compelling teaser (sizzle reel) running to around 30-seconds, this can serve as a great business card to introduce your acting credits.
  • To each clip on the the reel I will add a graphic showing the title of the series/movie and the studio/director.
  • I will add your name slate and your headshot to the beginning of the reel. To close the reel I will add contact information for yourself or your agent. Don’t worry, I design sophisticated graphics for top agencies… you will not be receiving Arial or Comic Sans!
  • I’ll balance the audio levels throughout, and add a little broadcast compression to give the soundtrack some more presence.


I charge a flat fee of $400 for an end-to-end casting reel service. I require a commissioning payment of $200 – this initial payment covers the compiling and viewing all of your sources, and the cutting of initial edits of the full-length reel, and of the short sizzle reel – supplied to you at approval resolution with watermarks. Once you have viewed these, and provided your feedback I will make any necessary alterations, mix the soundtrack, and provide a final watermarked approval version. When you’ve given me your final sign-off I require a final payment of $200, I will then send over final high-quality videos in all the formats and file-sizes you could possibly require.

BUT, no acting reel is ever really completed! I keep all my projects on file. Once your first reel is complete, most of the hard work is done – and I’m able to quickly make alterations for you. I will exchange or add an additional scene to your reel at any time for just $30.

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